During October 10-11, 2013, the Moldovan Bankers’ League attended the Membership Meeting of the European Banking & Financial Services Training Association – EBTN, held in Rome, Italy. The meeting was hosted by the centre for banking training ABI Formazione of the Banking Association of Italy. The meeting was attended by the EBTN representatives from about 20 countries, including Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, and Romania.

The meeting in Rome was dedicated to ” European instruments EQF, ECVET and EQAVET – Guide for the implementation of the Triple E Qualifications project ” and aimed at highlighting the reference framework of standards for professional qualifications of system of continuous education and professional training in Europe and the application of this framework in the implementation of Triple E (Financial Services Sector Triple E Qualifications) – the new European project of EBTN.
Triple E Qualifications project of EBTN, which was launched on October 1, 2013 and will be the main activity of EBTN for the next two years, has as main objective the development of systems of sectorial qualifications (national and European) by incorporating, in accordance with the EU recommendations, the requirements of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training – ECVET. This project will assess and evaluate the best practices in the design, development and implementation of vocational qualifications in the financial services sector. It should be mentioned that at European level, the ECVET system aims to facilitate the validation and accreditation of professional skills and knowledge acquired during a stay in another country, to establish a better match between the education and training systems in Europe, and the qualifications offered by these systems.

The event offered the participants an opportunity to exchange views and information on the role and importance of these instruments for the banking industry, their basic features and the matrix implementation model.

Also during the event, the EBTN President Clemens Spoorenberg announced the decision of the EBTN Board of Directors of October 10, 2013 regarding the acceptance of Moldovan Bankers’ League of Moldova as an Associate Member of EBTN. In this context, Moldovan Bankers’ League made a presentation on its statute, core mission, and organizational and operational principles, also referring on another important aspect of its activity – delivery of financial and banking training programs to the financial services industry. The League’s representative stressed the importance and benefits of MBL’s accession to this important European forum, in the context of Moldova’s European aspirations, and expressed the League’s interest in participating in the EBTN’s Triple E Qualifications project.

The European Banking & Financial Services Training Association – EBTN is a nonprofit association of European institutions and centers aimed at providing training in the banking sector. EBTN is the institution that sets the standards for accreditation, certification and qualification of knowledge, skills and competencies in financial services sector in Europe. The main objectives of EBTN are to create educational and professional standards in Europe, to enlarge the European professional culture, the development of European and international relations, the establishment of a framework for the accreditation of qualifications and certifications issued by EBTN members in financial services sector in Europe.