Governing bodies

General Assembly of members:

The supreme governing body of the Association is the General Assembly of members, which holds ordinary and extraordinary meetings.

The General Assembly has the following main tasks:

  • Determining the main directions of activity of the Association;
  • Adopting, supplementing or amending its Statute;
  • Analyzing and approving the annual report, balance sheet and financial statement;
  • Designating and approving resignation, and dismissing members of the Board and of the Audit Committee;
  • Approving reports of the Board and the Audit Committee;
  • Deciding on the reorganization or liquidation of the Association, appointing the liquidation committee and approving liquidation balance sheet;
  • Deciding on any other issues related to the activity of the Association;


Council of Administration

The Council of Administration is the permanent ruling body of the Association consists of 3 members subordinated to the General Assembly and is entitled with the following competences:

  • Establishing the development strategy, outlining the main directions of activity of the Association, presenting them for approval to the General Assembly;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and reports to the General Assembly on the work of the Association;
  • Preparing the annual report on activity of the Association, the balance sheet and financial statement, presenting them to the General Assembly for approval;
  • Approving internal regulations of the Association and establishing its organizational structure;
  • Approving staff structure, budget, remuneration method and the pay scale for Association employees;
  • Establishing, within the existing legal framework, the material responsibility of the President of the Association;
  • Establishing terms and procedures for accepting new members, membership withdrawals, as well as approving the rights and obligations of the Association members;
  • Determining the amount and the type of payment for membership fees;
  • Approving the seal, stamp, symbols and letterheads of the Association;
  • Deciding, establishing, reorganizing, and liquidation of regional units of the Association;
  • Managing Association assets and aiming at their consolidations;
  • Establishing procedures for the use and allocation of raised funds and donations;
  • Approving and ensuring Association compliance with ethical rules in the non-profit sector;
  • Approving the admission and withdrawal of members;
  • Approving the purchase, distribution and alienation of the Association’s assets;
  • Deciding on Association’s participation in non-profit organizations and commercial associations;
  • Deciding on all matters, which are not within the exclusive competence of other bodies of the Association.

Members of the Council of Administration of the MBL (elected for a five-year term)

  • Dumitru URSU – MBL President, Chairman of the Council of Administration
  • Grigore FURTUNA- member of the Council of Administration
  • Valeriu SAVIN – member of the Council of Administration

President of the Association (elected for a five-year term)

  • Dumitru URSU

Audit Committee of the MBL (elected for a five-year term)

  • Secrieru Ion – Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Punga Elena -member of the Audit Committee