Main activities

The Moldovan Bankers’ League carries out the following activities:

  • Analyzes  social, economic and legal issues faced by the Moldovan society and economy;
  • Promotes economic literacy, capacity building  and enhancing the intellectual potential of citizens;
  • Provides, within the existing legal framework, monitoring, consulting, and analysis on all sectors and socio-economic activities;
  • Develops, implements, evaluates and monitors various projects at local and  national level aimed at enhancing human potential and institutional capacity of the Republic of Moldova, and at meeting the Association’s objectives;
  • Promotes the image of the banker in the society by acknowledging and supporting  the best professionals in the banking sector;
  • Represents the interests of its members in the partnerships with the private, public, and other institutions;
  • Establishes a permanent dialogue with international financial institutions operating in the country;
  • Organizes and participates in public debates, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc. to  promote and achieve its statutory goals;
  • Provides  advisory assistance and conducts  independent assessment of draft laws and regulations at the request of third parties or on its own initiative;
  • Maintains  effective communication with mass media to inform the concerned institutions and the public regarding  the Association’s opinion on various economic issues that are of major interest for the society;
  • Conducts joint activities with other associations, unions, trade unions and employers, for the purposes set out in its Statute;
  • Establishes  a national and international network;
  • Establishes a legal enterprise, designed to ensure the whole process of training of staff in the financial sector and  in other spheres of the national economy;
  • Hires personnel necessary for the Association’s activity both, Moldovan and foreign citizens, and establishes  the terms of their remuneration in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Undertakes other activities and actions, within the existing legal framework, for achieving the Association’s goals.