Monthly Bulletin “INFO FINANCIAR” of the Moldovan Bankers’ League

The publication “INFO FINANCIAR” contains monthly economic and financial information comprising the following sections:

  • Main macroeconomic indicators
  • Public finances
  • Monetary, credit, and currency developments
  • Banking sector developments
  • Foreign markets developments
  • Financial news
  • Financial education

This publication is developed by the Moldovan Bankers’ League experts based on official sources: National Bureau of Statistics, National Bank of Moldova, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, other government institutions, as well as Moldovan Bankers’ League own sources.

External Source: European Central Bank, international financial institutions, and other official data.

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The publication „COLLECTED ANALYTICAL MATERIALS” includes information prepared by the participants of the International Economic Symposium “Economic Growth and Financial Stability” organized by Moldovan Bankers’ League at June 27, 2013 in Chisinau.